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Welcome to Snow Kingdom. We put constant efforts for the safety and entertainment of our patrons. In order to ensure that, we request you to abide by the following rules and regulations.

  1. Snow Kingdom reserves the final right of admission.
  2. We hold the right to screen or check parcels, bags, clothing and other items at the entrances and inside the premises, for security reasons.
  3. Patrons shall hand over all their belongings at the designated baggage counter. Valuables above Rs. 1,000 should not be submitted at the counter. The management is not responsible for loss or theft of such belongings.
  4. We will prohibit people under the influence of alcohol and prohibited drugs. Pan, betel and tobacco chewers will be evicted from the premises once identified.
  5. Parents/guardians maintain whole and sole responsibility of infants, children, senior citizens and differently abled people. Snow Kingdom bears no responsibility in this regard.
  6. Patients with medical conditions unsuitable or unable to withstand sub-zero temperatures and pregnant women are advised not to enter or take part in any rides.
  7. Access to all rides will be on a first come first serve basis.
  8. Pet animals are not allowed to enter inside Snow Kingdom.
  9. All snow gear – gloves, boots, jerkins and socks – are offered on a returnable basis. Loss or damage to the same will be charged to the patron.
  10. Snow Kingdom shall refuse entry or expel a guest from the premises, if he or she is found disregarding Rules & Regulations. The same measure is applicable for patrons who violate the rules of Snow Kingdom and norms of rides. The company shall refuse to return money paid by offenders.
  11. Smoking is prohibited within the premises of Snow Kingdom.
  12. If the need arises, Snow Kingdom authorities may ask patrons to leave its premises before its scheduled closing time.
  13. Patrons shall abide by the rules. Patrons disregarding the rules do so at their own risk.
  14. Management at Snow Kingdom may capture casual photographs of patrons enjoying the amenities from time to time. These photos could be used in various communication materials, including our web and social media pages, in order to share our patrons' joy and experience at the snow theme park.
  15. Snow Kingdom shall use the images as an expression to communicate on the in-house facilities and amenities available. Our rules and regulations prohibits anyone from misusing such content. People breaching these rules, will do so at their own risk.
  16. In case of any objections please contact us at

All patrons should abide by the rules set by Snow Kingdom authority. We are not responsible for any harm caused due to disregard for the rules.

Code of Conduct Formulated by Snow Kingdom

Patrons shall abide by the following rules set by Snow Kingdom authorities.

  1. Patrons shall not record, videotape, broadcast, transmit or take photos for any commercial purpose.

  2. Patrons shall not engage in any type of marketing activity by distributing printed materials.

  3. Patrons shall not intervene in the work of employees of Snow Kingdom.

  4. Patrons shall not display disruptive and dangerous behaviour inside the premises of Snow Kingdom. Patrons may be expelled without refund, if caught in such an act.

  5. Patrons shall not damage, mishandle, mutilate or remove any item from Snow Kingdom’s premises.

  6. Patrons shall not interrupt any activity, facility and program within the premises of Snow Kingdom.

  7. Patrons shall not post any sign or notice on the premises.

  8. Patrons shall not litter the Snow Kingdom premises.

  9. Patrons shall not unsettle the atmosphere of Snow Kingdom with noise-making devices.

  10. Patrons shall not post any explicit or abusive comment on Snow Kingdom’s social media platforms; such comments/posts/messages will be deleted without any intimation.

Safety Instructions for Patrons at Snow Kingdom

  1. It is essential to comply with any instructions stated by the staff.
  2. Patrons must follow instructions, for their own safety and security, and that of others.
  3. Patrons are prohibited from pushing others in queue. Patrons shall patiently await their turn in queue.
  4. Patrons should not avail a ride without the assistance of a Snow Kingdom employee in the snow area.
  5. Snow Kingdom premises is under CCTV Surveillance.
  6. Our staff members shall handle unattended objects in a manner they judge to be fitting.