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Snow Kingdom expects your cooperation with the following provisions.

  • The use of Snow Kingdom’s facilities is completely at your own responsibility. Snow Kingdom does not hold any liability for any kind of damage to your personal belongings. We are not responsible for the loss of mobile/camera/any gadget, gold rings, gold chains, bracelets theft, disappearance or alteration of any form to any of your belongings.
  • You are responsible for any kind of damage, loss, theft or alteration of any form to Snow Kingdom property occurred due to your violation/non-compliance or negligence to the general and regulations of Snow Kingdom.
  • You may be photographed and/or video graphed while you are enjoying at Snow Kingdom. Those photographs and video recordings may be used by Snow Kingdom for marketing and promotional campaigns. Claim for any monetary compensation will not be entertained in this case.
  • Please contact our Snow Kingdom staff during any emergency. Our emergency helpline numbers are - 044 24492126 / +91 9445399999.