Planning a team outing? Take a trip to Mumbai's Switzerland!

Statistics show that team outings create strong relationships among co-workers... which in turn fosters happiness and productivity. Reports find that companies with high employee engagement levels are up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement!

Outings, company lunches and nights out had some of the greatest impacts on employee engagement levels. In other words, employees want to feel nurtured and belong to a community.

So when you’re thinking about what strategy to use to improve team interactions – and sales! – for your business, consider planning a team outing that’s reasonably priced, engages your employees with fun and games, and gives them a brand new experience they’ll remember for life.

Snow Kingdom is conveniently located in R City Mall, Ghatkopar (W). Escape the slushy monsoon with a trip to Mumbai's very own, pristine Switzerland... Snow Kingdom!

Play in soft white snow at Mumbai's largest snow theme park. Admire the vast white vistas while engaging in snowy battle. Climb the majestic snow mountain. Toboggan down the slopes. Enjoy a short wintry vacation!

With plenty of fun for adults, teens and kids, and great opportunities to plan team building exercises around the snowy landscape, Snow Kingdom is the perfect place to plan a family outing or a team outing.

Visit us with team after working hours to unwind after a hard day's work, or plan the visit over the weekend. Give your employees an experience they'll never forget!