Celebrate your birthday at
Chennai's coolest destination!

These special days come once a year
So come on, let's have some fun and cheer!
Celebrate another year you've grown
Enjoy your party in the snow!

Birthday bumps with snowballs. Hide and seek in the igloo.
Wish you a very happy, snowy, birthday!

Invite fifteen or more of your closest friends and family for a bonanza at the coolest theme park in Chennai! Relax and enjoy as we take care of everything else... from welcoming the guests to a gift for the VIP... and of course the big treat which you’ll all be waiting for... a magical time in the snow!

Whether a birthday, engagement, office retirement, or really, any celebration at all – why not party in the most unique theme park in Chennai?

Celebrate in sub-zero temperatures at the coolest destination. A snow theme park in Chennai. The one and only VGP Snow Kingdom at East Coast Road!

Plan your party with us! Get in touch today at saleschennai@snowkingdom.com

Wedding shoot

Marriages are made in heaven. Make strong Wedding Memories right here at Snow Kingdom!

Congratulations and all the very best on your wedding!

Celebrate your special day with an elegant, private, romantic photoshoot at Snow Kingdom. Whether pre-wedding or post-wedding, get some really different, beautiful images that set the day apart.

You've seen gorgeous photos of your favourite movie stars against the stark white of the Himalayan snowscape. Go one better. Get your photos taken in Chennai's Switzerland!

You're never going to forget your wedding and that magical journey which took you there, together. As a couple, you're unique. Make sure that your photos reflect that. Let us help you immortalise your memories at India's largest snow theme park.

Have a perfect, memorable, amazing wedding photoshoot. saleschennai@snowkingdom.com

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