Q: What are the timings of VGP Snow Kingdom?

A: 10am to 8pm. Entry for the last session everyday is at 7pm.

Q: What are VGP Snow Kingdom's days off?

A: None! We are open on all 365 days in the year, with 10 sessions of 1 hour each, daily.

Q: Do you provide Winter Gear?

A: Yes, we provide sterilized winter gear on a returnable basis (socks, shoes, jerkins, and gloves). This is included in the ticket cost. For kids below 90cm height, this returnable winter gear will be charged at Rs. 150/-.

Q: What is the duration of each session?

A: Each session gives you 45 minutes inside the snow area, and 15 minutes to adapt your body to the lower temperatures.

Q: Can tickets be booked in advance?

A: Yes, tickets can be booked in advance through our website www.vgpsnowkingdom.com. We also have a provision for current booking. Tickets can be collected 15 minutes prior to each session.

Q: Is there any additional cost involved after purchasing the ticket?

A: No additional cost is involved for rides inside Snow Kingdom. Photos ops with a professional camera are chargeable at Rs. 15,000/- per hour. Separate tickets at Rs. 250 must be purchased for DSLRs and digital cameras. There is no charge for smartphones. They are allowed into the snow area at the customer’s own risk.

Q: Where is VGP Snow Kingdom located? Is it separate from VGP Universal Kingdom?

A: Yes, VGP Snow Kingdom is an indigenous body. Snow Kingdom has a separate entry, separate ticket counter, separate parking space...

Q: What is the age limit for kids in VGP Snow Kingdom?

A: We recommend that children above two years old visit VGP Snow Kingdom.

Q: Are there any refreshment stalls inside?

A: We have Chennai’s famous and traditional aromatic and refreshing coffee and lip-smacking short bites from Madras Coffee House, and more than 40 flavours of Amul Ice-cream available at the Amul counter inside VGP Snow Kingdom. 

Q: Can we celebrate Birthday, Anniversary, Engagements and all other parties?

Yes, we welcome you to celebrate your happy occasions at VGP Snow Kingdom. You could even plan a special Snow-Themed party! For the packages we offer, please mail us at enquiry@vgpsnowkingdom.com or speak to us at +91-73822-22222.

Q: Are there any additional attractions at the VGP Snow Kingdom premises?

1. Click Art Museum: India’s First 3D Trick Art Museum is located on the first floor of VGP Snow Kingdom! Tickets can be purchased at our ticket counter.

2. Ink Wear: Get an artistically designed temporary tattoo while you wait for your session to begin!

3. Vintage Camera Collections: We’ll soon be launching a wide range of Vintage Camera Collections.

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