Planning a team outing? Take a trip from Switzerland to Mahabalipuram!

Statistics show that team outings create strong relationships among co-workers... which in turn fosters happiness and productivity. Reports find that companies with high employee engagement levels are up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement!

Outings, company lunches and nights out had some of the greatest impacts on employee engagement levels. In other words, employees want to feel nurtured and belong to a community.

So when you’re thinking about what strategy to use to improve team interactions – and sales! – for your business, consider planning a team outing that’s reasonably priced, engages your employees for the entire day, and gives them a brand new experience they’ll remember for life.

Snow Kingdom is conveniently located on East Coast Road, in Injambakkam – comfortably close to the city and yet on the route to Mahabalipuram and further South. The road is also dotted with resorts and hotels where you could stop for the night to complete your day of engagement and enjoyment!

Visit Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Dakshinachitra, Click Art Museum and Vintage Camera’s Museum... and of course, Chennai's very own Switzerland... Snow Kingdom!

Play in freshly fallen snow at India's largest snow theme park. Admire the vast white vistas while engaging in snowy battle. Climb the majestic snow mountain. Toboggan down the steep slopes. Enjoy a short wintry vacation… right here in Chennai!

With the right holistic travel itinerary, your team can enjoy the snow on the same day they visit beaches, backwaters, unique museums and temples. Choose a combination of activities to cover all interests, depending on your group size, time, budget and purpose.

For example, if you are planning to have a getaway with family, plan plenty of breaks and minimal time on the road. An overnight trip for appraisals and bonhomie? Reach your resort early, by 4pm or so, so that you have plenty of time to unwind before turning in for the night.

For a consultation on which itinerary would suit you best and for more information on full-day trips encompassing visits to India’s Switzerland, Snow Kingdom, among other enjoyable destinations, contact our exclusive travel partners, Genesis, at

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! Celebrate a White Christmas at Snow Kingdom

Christmas Banner

This Christmas, you are the Royals at Snow Kingdom! Plan your White Christmas with your family and friends at namma Switzerland, Snow Kingdom.

After the destruction of Cyclone Vardah, we all need some time to relax and unwind – to feel calm and safe again, with our loved ones. Let’s celebrate the undying Spirit of Chennai this festive season.

With Schools starting their vacation, MNCs going quiet for the Season, it’s time to relax a while with your family. Which other place other than Snow Kingdom can give you the experience of a White Christmas right here in Chennai?

Snow Kingdom, a dream destination across age groups, packs great memories. Allow us to introduce to you a magnificent snowy landscape that maintains -8° Celsius while Christmas Songs fill the air. Adding Santa with his sleigh and his reindeer, this sparkling winter landscape lets you unfurl your imagination and brings it to life… with a gift from Santa Claus himself!

Slide through the toboggan slopes, dance footloose in the snow, carve your skills by making a snowman and meet the symbol of the season, grand old gifter Santa Claus! Wouldn’t your children love a hug from our favourite potbellied cutie?! Energise yourself with a hot coffee and chill out with ice cream that will make you scream with joy! Rejoice in a snow-filled, magical white Christmas!

Allow us to pack this all into an everlasting memory to cherish. Come to Snow Kingdom. Add zing to your nostalgia!

Snow Kingdom functions 365 days a year between 10 AM and 8 PM (last entry 7.15 PM). Snow Kingdom operates as an independent facility, part of the Golden Beach Area, and can be accessed via the parking lot of Universal Kingdom. For more details, call +91-73822-22222 or visit our website at Follow us on or

An edutainment destination in Chennai

There’s nothing better for a young, developing mind than a short day trip in Chennai that combines education and entertainment. Whether the Birla Planetarium, Guindy Park, Egmore Museum, or Vandalur Zoo, a fun trip on which your little ones learn something new is one of the best things that you can do for them.

And now there’s a new edutainment destination in town!

VGP Snow Kingdom, in Chennai, is the ideal spot to visit on a day trip to Chennai with young children. Three places of entertainment share the same space – Snow Kingdom, Click Art Museum, and Vintage Camera’s Museum.

Snow Kingdom helps children experience the wonders of snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, without having to travel all the way to the Himalayas or Switzerland. Learning in geography about temperate and polar climates, children often cannot understand what snow means, or what they are reading about. This can hamper their ability to comprehend their lessons. But why worry when this issue is so easily solved by an exciting day trip to VGP Snow Kingdom, Chennai! Snow Kingdom offers experiential entertainment, allowing children to immerse themselves in a world of snow and ice that was otherwise out of their reach.

Immersive entertainment is also on offer at Click Art Museum, India’s first trick art museum. The art comes to life with the participation of the patron. Fascinating artworks with clever play of shadows and light allow for the perception of depth where there is none, bringing the painting to life before the child’s very eyes. It helps children – and adults for that matter! – understand how easily the eye can be tricked by shadows.

Click Art Museum isn’t the only unique museum housed at VGP Snow Kingdom! During your day trip, also visit the Vintage Camera’s Museum. This museum houses some of the world’s rarest cameras, a wide range of vintage cameras. Vintage Camera’s Museum houses the world’s largest and the world’s smallest cameras. A true education into the history of photography, helping children learn how the ancient art of image capture has evolved.

Exciting entertainment and extensive education come together to make VGP Snow Kingdom, and the combination of all three attractions, a dream destination for a day trip in Chennai. It is, truly, a comprehensive location for a full-day, intensive edutainment experience in Chennai.


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