There are a few universal constants in Chennai. One is that there are only three seasons here - hot, hotter, hottest! Another is that there are only a few kinds of places to visit in Chennai. Beaches. Temples. Kutcheris. Historical sites. But now, all that has changed.

Presenting the newest, COOLEST place to visit in Chennai!

At VGP Snow Kingdom, we’re proud to say that we’ve transformed Chennai into India’s Switzerland!

There are still only three seasons here... but now it’s cold, colder, coldest!

VGP Snow Kingdom is a place to visit for people of all ages in Chennai and beyond. It’s the largest snow theme park in India, with 14,000 square feet of freshly fallen snow! Where else can you visit to get such authentic snowfall in south India?

And since it’s on East Coast Road, it’s also a perfect place to visit while moving from Chennai to Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, or further south. A place to break journey before visiting Chennai’s neighbours.

VGP Snow Kingdom gives patrons a new place to visit in Chennai. Something that’s different, unique, and a lovely break from the mundane.

A welcome addition to the list of places to visit in Chennai!

Fun things to do in Chennai

Chill out

Get out of the hot humidity of namma Chennai. Check out the bracing cold of the Swiss Alps... without spending time and money on travel! Stay comfortable through our hygienic, well-maintained winter gear, even at freezing temperatures. Experience a lovely new way to chill out!

Chennai Day Trips & Excursions

Snow battle!

Enjoy to the fullest in the snow. Start a snowball fight! Set up a complete battle right here in India's largest snow theme park with your family and friends! Don't worry - with our fresh, soft snow, and warm gloves, your safety is ensured.

Entertainment parks in chennai

Unique snowflakes

You may have heard the saying that every snowflake is different. Now, see for yourself! At VGP Snow Kingdom, snow fills the air in soft drifts, falling to freshen the clean whiteness on the ground. Experience the feel of authentic snowfall!

fun things in Chennai

Toboggans are cool!

Indoor tobogganing?! What's that? In VGP Snow Kingdom, enjoy not one, but two snow slides – meant for adults and children. Experience the rush of Arctic wind whooshing past your face as you soar down the slide in your safe sled. With the support of our well-trained snow staff, take in all the adrenaline-pumping enjoyment... safely.

entertainment in Chennai

Adventure beckons

Ever wondered what it feels like to climb the Himalayas? Is climbing Everest your lifelong dream? Begin preparation by tackling our very own snow mountain! Under careful supervision and with our safety helmets and harnesses, climb this 23-foot tall rocky cliff wall. Reach the summit of your imagination!

day trip in Chennai

Disco dancer

Dance your worries away in this unique snow attraction! Grab your friends and loved ones and groove away to thrilling tunes under the scintillating disco lights. Rock out to your favourite tunes... right here in the middle of the dazzling snowscape!

places to visit in chennai

Strike a pose!

As they say, "pics, or it didn't happen". Trying to figure out how best to record your trip to namma Switzerland? Just pose with one of our incredible props and sets, for the perfect photograph! Snowmen. Seals. Polar bears. Penguins. Igloos. Even a rustic log hut! Grab a photo with these props to give your ‘winter vacation’ a new dose of authenticity!

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