There are a few universal constants in Chennai. One is that there are only three seasons here - hot, hotter, hottest! Another is that there are only a few kinds of places to visit in Chennai. Beaches. Temples. Kutcheris. Historical sites. But now, all that has changed.

Presenting the newest, COOLEST place to visit in Chennai!

At VGP Snow Kingdom, we’re proud to say that we’ve transformed Chennai into India’s Switzerland!

There are still only three seasons here... but now it’s cold, colder, coldest!

VGP Snow Kingdom is a place to visit for people of all ages in Chennai and beyond. It’s the largest snow theme park in India, with 14,000 square feet of freshly fallen snow! Where else can you visit to get such authentic snowfall in south India?

And since it’s on East Coast Road, it’s also a perfect place to visit while moving from Chennai to Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, or further south. A place to break journey before visiting Chennai’s neighbours.

VGP Snow Kingdom gives patrons a new place to visit in Chennai. Something that’s different, unique, and a lovely break from the mundane.

A welcome addition to the list of places to visit in Chennai!

Fun things to do in Chennai

Shiver with joy

Walk in from the tropical heat and humidity of namma Chennai to the bracing cold of the Arctic... without the cost and hassle of travel! Winter gear keeps you cozy and comfortable even in the sub-zero temperatures, giving you a unique way to beat the heat!

Chennai Day Trips & Excursions

Choose a side!

What's the joy in snow if there are no snowball fights?! In our spacious facility, you have the space to launch full-fledged snowball wars with your friends and family! The gloves we provide ensure your safety – as does the soft, clean snow.

Snow is in the air

Each snowflake is unique, they say. Well, now you can find out! At VGP Snow Kingdom, experience snow drifting gently down from the sky, falling in soft, white, fresh, clean patches. Enjoy the authentic experience of snowfall.

fun things in Chennai

Sleds and slides

Not one, but two snow slides – meant for adults and children – are available for your enjoyment. Snow sleds and toboggans. Enjoy the cold rush of wind as you fly down the slope in your sled. Come sliding to a halt, heart pounding, on a patch of icy snow.

entertainment in Chennai

Adventure beckons

Want to know how it feels when you're scaling the Himalayas? Well, prepare for your mountaineering expedition by climbing our 23-feet tall Snow Mountain! With safety helmets and harnesses, climb the rocky cliffs to wherever your imagination takes you!

day trip in Chennai

Get your groove on!

Tired of the 'typical' snow attractions? Time to get your groove on! Dance with your friends to lively numbers belted out by our resident DJ, under sparkling disco lights. Everything looks more magical in the snow!

places to visit in chennai

Say cheese!

Penguins. Seals. Igloos. Polar bears. Snowmen. Not to mention a rustic log hut! These props and sets make for perfect photographs. Instantly! Pose with these typical polar motifs to add an authentic twist to your snowy expedition!

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