VGP Snow Kingdom Indoor Snow Park in Chennai


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Chill out

Get out of the hot humidity of namma Chennai. Check out the bracing cold of the Swiss Alps... without spending time and money on travel! Stay comfortable through our hygienic, well-maintained winter gear, even at freezing temperatures. Experience a lovely new way to chill out!

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Snow battle!

Enjoy to the fullest in the snow. Start a snowball fight! Set up a complete battle right here in India's largest snow theme park with your family and friends! Don't worry - with our fresh, soft snow, and warm gloves, your safety is ensured.

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Unique snowflakes

You may have heard the saying that every snowflake is different. Now, see for yourself! At

VGP Snow Kingdom

, snow fills the air in soft drifts, falling to freshen the clean whiteness on the ground. Experience the feel of authentic snowfall!

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Toboggans are cool!

Indoor tobogganing?! What's that? In VGP Snow Kingdom, enjoy not one, but two snow slides – meant for adults and children. Experience the rush of Arctic wind whooshing past your face as you soar down the slide in your safe sled. With the support of our well-trained snow staff, take in all the adrenaline-pumping enjoyment... safely.

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Adventure beckons

Ever wondered what it feels like to climb the Himalayas? Is climbing Everest your lifelong dream? Begin preparation by tackling our very own snow mountain! Under careful supervision and with our safety helmets and harnesses, climb this 23-foot tall rocky cliff wall. Reach the summit of your imagination!

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Disco dancer

Dance your worries away in this unique snow attraction! Grab your friends and loved ones and groove away to thrilling tunes under the scintillating disco lights. Rock out to your favourite tunes... right here in the middle of the dazzling snowscape!

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Strike a pose!

As they say, "pics, or it didn't happen". Trying to figure out how best to record your trip to namma Switzerland? Just pose with one of our incredible props and sets, for the perfect photograph! Snowmen. Seals. Polar bears. Penguins. Igloos. Even a rustic log hut! Grab a photo with these props to give your ‘winter vacation’ a new dose of authenticity!

Events Calendar

Celebrate your birthday at
Chennai's coolest destination!

These special days come once a year
So come on, let's have some fun and cheer!
Celebrate another year you've grown
Enjoy your party in the snow!

Birthday bumps with snowballs. Hide and seek in the igloo.
Wish you a very happy, snowy, birthday!

Invite fifteen or more of your closest friends and family for a bonanza at the coolest theme park in Chennai! Relax and enjoy as we take care of everything else... from welcoming the guests to a gift for the VIP... and of course the big treat which you’ll all be waiting for... a magical time in the snow!

Whether a birthday, engagement, office retirement, or really, any celebration at all – why not party in the most unique theme park in Chennai?

Celebrate in sub-zero temperatures at the coolest destination. A snow theme park in Chennai. The one and only VGP Snow Kingdom at East Coast Road!

Plan your party with us! Get in touch today at

Wedding shoot

Marriages are made in heaven. Make strong Wedding Memories right here at Snow Kingdom!

Congratulations and all the very best on your wedding!

Celebrate your special day with an elegant, private, romantic photoshoot at Snow Kingdom. Whether pre-wedding or post-wedding, get some really different, beautiful images that set the day apart.

You've seen gorgeous photos of your favourite movie stars against the stark white of the Himalayan snowscape. Go one better. Get your photos taken in Chennai's Switzerland!

You're never going to forget your wedding and that magical journey which took you there, together. As a couple, you're unique. Make sure that your photos reflect that. Let us help you immortalise your memories at India's largest snow theme park.

Have a perfect, memorable, amazing wedding photoshoot.


(more than 11 years of age):
Rs. 550

(2-11 years of age):
Rs. 500

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your selected slot timing to collect and wear your snow gear.

Stay tuned to our website for cost authenticity and latest updates. Only those tariffs mentioned on the website are valid. No other rates found on any other website shall be considered, as they may be incorrect or unauthentic.​

​There is no ticket charge for infants below two years of age, however ​rental charges for thermal wear apply and can be paid at the ticket counter. Parents of infants are advised to proceed with caution when choosing to visit Snow Kingdom with their children. We recommend children above two years of age visit Snow Kingdom.

iB Cricket

iB Cricket - the World’s Most Immersive Virtual Reality Cricket!

Live the game of Cricket like never before! With iB Cricket, take the opportunity to play in international stadiums.

Step into a world-class stadium and face a variety of bowlers. Show off your batting skills while the crowd cheers for you. Hit glorious shots over the fielders and out of the park!

Offering a complete cricketing experience, iB Cricket is the new format of Cricket - a vSport that provides unique and captivating gameplay!

Try out Virtual Reality Cricket. Explore the fascinating world of vSports. Bring your friends and family along to experience the World’s Most Immersive Virtual Reality Cricket... right here at VGP Snow Kingdom!


Hot. Humid. Summer, 12 months of the year! These are some of the words you may associate with Chennai. But VGP Snow Kingdom, is changing that! Now enjoy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures at a unique Chennai travel destination… without travelling all the way to the Himalayas!

Among Asia’s finest, India’s largest, and Tamil Nadu’s first and only indoor snow themed park, with the real experience of authentic snowfall, VGP Snow Kingdom is a brand-new travel destination in Chennai. VGP Snow Kingdom operates as an independent facility, adjacent to VGP Universal Kingdom (part of VGP Golden Beach Area), and can be accessed via the parking lot of VGP Universal Kingdom.

VGP Snow Kingdom has added on various other attractions as well, becoming a complete travel destination in a single location. Now visit two unique Museums in addition to the snow leisure family entertainment centre! Plan a full day’s travel to the same destination... conveniently located in Chennai, en route to Mahabalipuram and further South!

VGP Snow Kingdom is a landmark travel destination for every Chennaiite and tourist, a must-see attraction which offers a fascinating new brand of enjoyment. Bring your children, parents, friends and colleagues. As testimonials of our happy customers show, the more the merrier!

Chill out at this unique Chennai travel destination. Book your ticket today!

So what are you waiting for? Beat the heat at this unique Chennai travel destination. Book your ticket today!

Visit our partner outlets at VGP Snow Kingdom!

  • "It's an awesome place to experience the cold during hot summer. Kudos to the team for arranging and providing all the necessary kits right on time. We loved it. Worth the money you spend."

    – Hari Adroit

  • "Good place for Masti. Snow Kingdom is awesome. 10 out of 10."

    – Saikat Das

  • "A fun filled place to chill and hangout with family and friends.. Highly recommended.. try it out!"

    – Raj Vino VeXus

  • "Where else will you find snowfall, tobogganing, and snowball fights, in Chennai? A unique experience!"

    – Priya Krishna

  • "A very nice place to enjoy in Chennai with friends and family, very economical too."

    – Sangita V

  • "We had so much fun here. The snow-slides … the wall-climbing, igloos, hot hot coffee (ah!) was good fun. They provided all the snow gear to us, like boots, jackets, gloves … Made some warm memories at this cold place. :)"

    – Shwetha

  • "Perfect for family outing. I appreciate the staff for their helping nature and courtesy. We enjoyed both Snow Kingdom and the Trick Art gallery. Supportive staff. 5 stars for them!"

    – Bhanu Murali Krishna

  • "It's the best place to visit in Chennai and is also nearby."

    – Ashish A

  • "Overall a wonderful experience."

    – Moses R


Q: Does VGP Snow Kingdom have days off?

A: Not at all! VGP Snow Kingdom is open everyday, with 10 sessions of 1 hour with 45 mins each daily. We remain open 365 days a year.

Q: What are VGP Snow Kingdom's timings?

A: 10am to 8pm. Entry for the last session everyday is at 7pm.

Q: Does VGP Snow Kingdom provide snow wear?

A: We give our patrons clean, sterilised snow wear for the duration of the session. There is no extra charge for this gear, and is returnable. For infants below 90cm height, the returnable snow gear is chargeable at the rate of Rs. 150. The snow gear includes socks, shoes, jerkins and gloves.

Q: How long can we stay in the snow area?

A: Every session is of one hour duration, with 15 minutes in the airlock room to help your body adapt to the sub-zero temperatures and 45 minutes in the snow area itself.

Q: Can we book tickets in advance?

A: You can book tickets in advance on VGP Snow Kingdom's website, viz. We allow for spot bookings as well. You can collect your tickets at our counter 15 minutes before the session.

Q: Is there any extra charge beyond the ticket rate?

A: There are no extra charges for any rides inside VGP Snow Kingdom. If you are interested in a professional photo shoot, this is chargeable at Rs. 15,000 per hour. Professional cameras, including DSLRs and digital cameras, require a separate ticket, at the rate of Rs. 250 per camera. Smartphones can be taken into the snow area at the patron's own risk, at no extra charge.

Q: Is VGP Snow Kingdom separate from VGP Universal Kingdom? Where is it?

A: Yes, VGP Snow Kingdom is an indigenous body. Snow Kingdom has a separate entry, separate ticket counter, separate parking space...

Q: What is the age limit for children to enter VGP Snow Kingdom?

A: The minimum recommended age for children to visit VGP Snow Kingdom is two years of age.

Q: Does VGP Snow Kingdom have any stalls for refreshments inside?

A: Yes indeed! We have Madras Coffee House, which offers Chennai's famous, aromatic coffee and delicious snacks. More than 40 flavours of ice cream are also available at the Amul counter.

Q: Is it possible to plan a Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, or any other kind of party on the premises?

A: Yes absolutely. Please join us, with your loved ones, to commemorate your precious moments and occasions right here at VGP Snow Kingdom. Consider planning a special party with a snow theme! For packages offered at VGP Snow Kingdom, please call us at +91-738-22-22222 or email us at

Q: Does VGP Snow Kingdom offer any other entertainment options?

1. Click Art Museum: On the first floor of the premises is India’s First 3D Trick Art Museum. You can purchase tickets, and combo tickets, at VGP Snow Kingdom's ticket counter.

2. Ink Wear: Get an artistically designed temporary tattoo while you wait for your session to begin!

3. iB Cricket: iB Cricket is a new format of cricket. It is a vSport (eSport in Virtual Reality) offering the world's most immersive VR Cricket experience

4. Live Art Museum: Meet your favourite celebrities. Take great photos with these realistic silicon models.

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VGP Snow Kingdom
(Exclusive Entrance through Parking Area of VGP Universal Kingdom).

VGP Golden Beach Area.
Injambakkam, East Coast Road (ECR)
Chennai – 600 115, Tamilnadu, India

VGP Snow Kingdom has easy connect from all parts of Chennai and is within easy reach by bus, taxi, auto. Buses ply very frequently.

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